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Justin Bieber works out in the ring with Floyd Mayweather

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As you may already know, Justin Bieber is an incredible star athlete in the making, along with being maybe the biggest pop music star in the world, a heartthrob, and an all-around totally cool and awesome dude. He's also friends with Floyd Mayweather, which is far weirder on Mayweather's end than on Bieber's, and Bieber has been ... working on his boxing skills at the Mayweather gym in Las Vegas.

I would make fun of this or whatever, but why? I'm clearly posting this so that people will come here and go, "Haha! Look at Bieber doing a thing!" because he's famous and this relates somewhat to boxing.

And at any rate, this is far, far, far better than that old video of him "playing basketball" "against" that dude at Lil Wayne's house, where he "crossed him over" and then glared at the camera. I've seen Hulk Hogan matches realer than that.