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Bob Arum discusses status of Julio Cesar Chavez Jr and Mikey Garcia

Promoter Bob Arum gives some quick thoughts on the status of two major Top Rank fighters who are currently on the sidelines.

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Have you spoken to Julio Cesar Chavez Jr?

"We've offered Chavez Jr a fight with Froch. Just that fight. He does that fight, he's finished with the contract. So we're waiting to hear back from him."

Do you know how soon--

"We could do it probably the end of January. Between the (NFL) conference finals and the Super Bowl."

It would be in England, or it would be over here?

"It would be here, in Las Vegas."

Now another update, with Mikey Garcia. What's going on with his situation?

"God knows. He gave up a 130 pound title, he wants to fight at 140 pounds. I don't understand where he's at. We have two more fights with him. It's just sort of sad. I just don't know where he's at, really. This is what happens when people have nothing to lose tamper with a fighter."

You have Mikey, you've got Julio, maybe kind of similar. Situations like this, why do you feel it's happening?

"Because people tamper with them and give them stories, which have golden linings, which aren't realistic. For example, they promised Julio a deal where he fights Jermain Taylor, then he fights Canelo, then fights Froch, and then he fights Mayweather. Now do you think that's realistic?"

Not at all. When you're saying Julio, is it just the current team that he has?

"You know who it is! It's the guy who talks to nobody."

Who's that?

"Well, he doesn't talk to anybody."

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