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Marco Antonio Rubio: Golovkin is my biggest test, but I'm coming to win

Marco Antonio Rubio does believe that Gennady Golovkin is the best middleweight today, but says he's coming to get the upset tomorrow.

Marco, Gennady Golovkin is on a mean streak of late. A lot of knockouts. You've faced a lot of big name fighters before, but is Gennady your biggest challenge?

"Yes, I think so. Listen, Golovkin right now is on top of his game. He's the best that's out there. He's a very good boxer, as I've said, but I'm coming Saturday. I'm prepared for this fight, for this war, and I'm coming for the victory."

A lot of people, if they have a criticism of Golovkin, they say he hasn't been tested yet. Do you agree with that, that he hasn't been tested in the ring?

"I think that's part of it. Again, he's a good fighter. But I've prepared myself. I'm coming to test him, I'm coming with the intention of winning, and that's what I'm gonna do Saturday."

How do you test him?

"I think the only way you test him is from every angle. My waist, my legs, my arms, I've got to attack from every angle. To this point, he's looked perfect. He's got a high knockout percentage, but listen, every boxer has something he's not good at. That's what I'm looking for Saturday night."

You're a lot bigger, a lot taller than him. How important is it for you to show him your size right away so that you earn his respect?

"I think it's very important. Again, it's not just the attack, it's not just the defense, it's the experience, it's the confidence. There's a multitude of things that I'm coming with for this fight."

In your biggest fights you've come up just a little bit short. What are you doing differently so that doesn't happen again?

"At this time, I'm much more focused. In this fight, in my career. I've had a much better training camp than in those past fights, when there were issues. Now I'm focused."

Why weren't you so focused in the other camps?

"I think I'm focused on the fight and I've been focused on the fight. I think now I have a more focused team. My trainer, my assistant, my team, everybody's focused on my career and on this fight."

Regardless of who wins on Saturday night, do you feel that if you go 12 rounds with him, that in itself is a victory as well?

"The only thing I'm coming for is a victory, whether it's a decision or a knockout. My mind is focused on a win, not a loss."

What's the first thing you're gonna do if you win on Saturday?

"First thing is my family. I miss them a lot. That's who I want to see."

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