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Pacquiao vs Algieri 24/7 premieres November 8

We're just over a month away from Pacquiao-Algieri, so let the hype train get rolling.

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Manny Pacquiao will face Chris Algieri in Macau on November 22, with HBO pay-per-view broadcasting the fight, and the three-part "24/7" series spotlighting the fight will premiere on November 8, right after the Hopkins-Kovalev card on HBO.

Now that we've got that little factoid of TV scheduling out of the way, let's address something in the preview promo above, that being the claim that Pacquiao is "the pound-for-pound king." I'm not taking this seriously, so please don't think I'm blowing a gasket about it, but even if one figures this is just a little dig at Showtime defector Floyd Mayweather, the claim that Pacquiao is a better pound-for-pound fighter in today's boxing world is so laughable that I don't think it works even on that level.

Like, Mayweather has just kept winning. Pacquiao is still a hell of a great fighter, maybe even pound-for-pound No. 2 still, but he's a distant No. 2 at best. I'm not saying this to rile anyone up, I'm not saying it as a Mayweather superfan, I'm not saying it as a Pacquiao "hater." I think this is just common sense.

Anyway, that was really just a way for me to say some stuff. Hooray, the show is coming!

This will be Pacquiao's 10th time featured on the show, not counting a one-off special for his 2010 fight with Joshua Clottey. For Algieri, of course, it's his first time on "24/7," since this is only his second big fight ever, period, by the way we might define "big fight." You know what I'm saying.

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