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Nicholas Walters open to fighting anyone, gives more respect to Donaire

Nicholas Walters had a breakout performance on Saturday night, knocking out Nonito Donaire on HBO. Check out his post-fight interview.

On who he may face next

"I'm a fighter. I train hard, fight hard. The decision of who I fight, whenever I fight, it's all up to my manager, my handlers, my promoters. These are the people that take care of me and lead me in the direction I go. If you ask me when I'll be back in the gym, I can tell you Monday I'll be back in the gym. Monday, for sure. I'll be back in the gym."

On how he thinks he matches up with other top featherweights

"How you think I match up with them? I'm the WBA super champion. I match up with anybody. Whoever you put me with, I'll give a good show. There's always a way to knock guys out and I definitely will find a way to knock guys out."

On Jhonny Gonzalez saying he wanted the winner of this fight

"He did say that? Well, I have no -- listen to me. My managers and handlers are the one that take care of my career. If they say Jhonny Gonzalez, Jhonny Gonzalez! We have no problem fighting nobody! I'm not here to run, I'm not here to hide. I'm right here. Whenever! I'm not here to hide. I'm a fighter. True fighter. I work hard. Taking a fight against me, you know that you have to come hard. I do work hard for my fights. I train hard. I hit hard, also."

On whether he thinks Gonzalez will change his mind

"Oh, no! Why would he change his mind? He's a fighter! He's a true fighter! He's no softie. I love his style, also. But listen to me, whoever they say I'm supposed to fight, that's the guy that I'm gonna fight. I'm ready to fight anybody."

On how he thinks his chin held up in the fight

"I'm a tough guy. I'm off the streets of Jamaica. My ancestors are from Africa. We're warriors, man. Little punch not gonna move me down. You have to knock me out. Believe me. If you knock me down ten times, I'm gonna get up, and I'm gonna fight."

On Glen Johnson, another tough Jamaican fighter

"Ahh, yeah, 'The Road Warrior.' Friend of mine. We worked out sometimes over there in Miami some years back. Very good guy, very nice fellow and everything. Jamaicans are tough fighters. ... Glen Johnson has helped me with my defense when I went over there. Glen Johnson gave me a lot of experience, taught me a lot of things. Glen Johnson is a wonderful person. He helped me in my young career coming up. He's a friend of mine."

On what it means to beat Donaire

"I love fighting. I like tough opponents. I like great fights. I like when I finish fighting, people can talk about my fight. They can say, well, Nicholas put on a great show, and five, six years after, they still can talk about what happened here today, right? Fighting Donaire, I knew that it was gonna be a tough fight. It was always gonna be a tough fight. He's a very tough fighter. He's a very good opponent. I went into the gym, we knew who we were up against, we went into the fight. We did a lot of hard work in the gym. My people helped me a lot, and this is the outcome."

On drawing Donaire into his type of fight

"Normally when I fight, I tend to counter my opponent. But tonight I was fighting a great counterpuncher. Not only great, but a super counterpuncher. And in the second round, he caught me with a shot, and I went back to my corner, and was thinking to myself, 'How could I let him draw me into his fight when I was supposed to draw him into my fight?' So I realized we cannot take the fight with one dimension, we have to make a two dimension fight. We have to give him the opportunity -- make him counter, then counter after his counter. It was a lot of brain in the fight. He was trying to figure me out, I was trying to figure him out. It was an excellent fight. I have nothing to take away from Nonito. He's a very great champion, and there's a lot that I learned here today."

On whether he could have finished Donaire in the third round with more time

"When I caught him, I caught him -- this is boxing. He caught me late in the round also, he caught me with a good shot. I cannot say no, he didn't catch me. He caught me with a damn good shot in the second round, late in the round. Maybe in his mind he'll say, if I caught him earlier in the round, I could have stopped him. Same thing, I caught him in the (third) round and he went down. It always goes through your mind, maybe if I'd caught him earlier, maybe I would have stopped him. But the fight went on, and it went just like it was supposed to end up."

On whether or not Donaire's the hardest puncher he's faced

"Not really the hardest, but a really clear shot. He's very quick. He's very experienced, also. He caught me with a good shot, but this is boxing. People pay money, they like to see a good fight. They like to see guys dropped, get up, and they come back and fight. The other guy gets hurt, and still comes back and fights. That's what people pay their money to see. It was a good fight. He hit me with a good shot, I hit him with a good shot. Just a while ago, he came to my dressing room, and I see that he's OK. I'm very thankful to God that he's OK, I'm OK, and that's it. We have no animosity against each other. We're friends. That's it."

On fighting Vasyl Lomachenko next

"I'm not hiding, and I'm not dodging. I'm here to fight. I love to fight tough opponents and good fights. But I leave the matchmaking to the matchmakers. I leave the promoting to the promoters. You'll always find me in the gym. That's what I do."

On what he thinks of Lomachenko

"You guys need to put him on shows. The promoters need to put him on more shows. If you want to find out if he's a tough fighter, then you put him on shows and put him with good fighters. Then he can prove it. It's the same thing when I came out to fight, first couple of fights, people were like, is he the real thing? Am I the real thing just now? You know that's a question. You have to fight to prove yourself. I'm fighting to prove myself, he's fighting to prove myself, that's it."

On the exchange between himself and Donaire after the fight

"When we go into the ring, it's fight time. Fight mode. We go into fight mode, we go after each other hard, fight hard, hit hard. But after the fight, why give somebody a bad face or talk bad about a person? Donaire gave me the opportunity of displaying my talent to the world. He helped me to make money. So why wouldn't I love a guy like that? He gave me a great opportunity. Likewise, I gave him a good opportunity. If he had won the fight, I wouldn't like him to talk bad about me. That's it. I have nothing bad to say about none of my opponents. After 25 fights, I've never said anything bad about my opponents. Nonito is a wonderful person. He's a great champ. I have nothing to take away from him."

On what he thought when he put Donaire down the last time

"When he went down, I knew I caught him with a good shot. Real good shot. I was just looking at him there, down, and watching the referee counting. I knew that if he got up, I have time to take him out. I have all the ammunition. If not that round, maybe the next round. I knew I caught him real good. That's what we trained for, we came into this fight as I told the public, I'm not going for the A, I'm going for the A-plus. I'm going for the knockout. I'm not going in here swinging punches. I was just waiting, setting up everything, working, staying behind my jab, working behind my good defense and everything. He was on the canvas, and I was looking at him -- if he got up, we would have continued to fight. If he don't get up, good for me."

On what Donaire said to him after the fight

"He came over, congratulated me. He said I'm his champ now, that I'm a good fighter. I'm very happy to hear him express his feelings to me that way. From Nonito, which is a great champ, telling me that I'm a good champ, a great champ, that's something to take back from me. I'm very happy. He's a wonderful person; he's a wonderful, wonderful person."

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