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Referee attacked by fighter at the European Youth Championships

A Croatian boxer launched the brutal attack after the referee awarded the fight to his opponent.

YouTube user joebeimel

Clearly unhappy with the referee's decision to award the fight to his Lithuanian opponent, boxer Vido Loncar hit the referee multiple times and had to be dragged off by his feet. The first punch was a hard right hand that knocked the referee down at which point Loncar pounced on top of the unnamed referee and continued the attack.

It's a scene no one wants to see at any level of boxing, and the consequences should be severe. Referees perform what is generally a thankless job as it is, but they should never be subjected to the violence they are attempting to control.

The Guardian story includes a YouTube video should you want to see what happened. Warning: It's a pretty brutal attack and a complete cheap shot which caught the referee completely off guard. A number of people eventually jump into the ring to come to his aid, but it appears everyone was momentarily shocked by the attack.

Hopefully the ref recovers quickly and with no lasting effects.

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