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Nicholas Walters wants tough unification bouts

The Axe Man ain't runnin' from nobody!

Alexis Cuarezma
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Coming off the biggest victory of his career, knocking out Nonito Donaire, Nicholas Walters is immediately looking to clean out the rest of his division. In an interview with RingTV, Walters was asked about what he see's next for him.

"I'm just thinking about tough competition. Whoever I fight next, it's got to be a big fight and I prefer to start by unify the titles," said Walters, 28, during a Wednesday interview with "So that's all that I want and that's what I'm motivated for. I'm just motivated to get back into the gym and to start working again on Monday for whoever they want me to fight next."

"If it was up to me, it would be Jhonny Gonzalez, even though I'll fight whoever my managers and my promoters put in front of me," said Walters. "But I really just want my next fight to be one that unifies the title. It really doesn't matter who that is because I would fight any one of those guys."

"In my mind, I think that a fight with Jhonny Gonzalez would be a very good fight. Gradovich is another guy who is a young champion just like myself and that fight would also be a good one," said Walters, who, like Gradovich and Lomachenko, is promoted by Top Rank Promotions.

I can't say too many would be opposed to either Gonalzez, Gradovich, or Lomachenko. All of them would be great fights. Let's make all of them happen! In succession if possible!

"When I go into a fight, I don't want people to say, ‘Yeah, he was supposed to win that fight.' I like fighting tougher guys in fights that people think that I'm not supposed to [beat]. So, Lomachenko, I think he's just needs to get a few more fights under his belt to make the fight more interesting."

"This year has been a very good one for me and a very successful one for me because I've beaten two tough guys this year. Nonito Donaire was a mainstay as a featherweight and superstar and a very big name in boxing. Earlier this year, I beat a major player in the division and in the sport when I knocked out Vic Darchinyan. I'm just enjoying myself," said Walters.

"I leave the matchmaking to the matchmakers and I leave the promoting to the promoters but I would fight Mike Tyson if they said so. I could fight easy guys and make a name for myself but I don't want to do that...we're not in this sport to fight easy fights. I want to fight the tougher fighters; that's what I want. You have to fight hard fights and you have to fight tough guys to make a name in this sport. "

Well that does it! With that said I'm going to be the first to demand Walters challenge Golovkin for his middleweight title. If he doesn't, he's clearly ducking him. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. Ultimately, I don't think we'll have to worry about that though, as he's apparently more willing to fight than Gennady's middleweight peers.

That aside, Walters went on to quickly recap his thoughts on the Nonito Donaire victory.

"If you watch the fight, there was not one round where I wasn't in control and winning the fight. I was even winning the second round before I got a little careless and got caught. That was just the one shot that he got me with. But if you're going to put on a good show in a fight, then you're going to get hit," said Walters.

"I know that he's fought other guys with good jabs but the difference between me and the other guys is that my jab was fluid and I fought with speed and intelligence. That's the main difference in the fight. I knew that if I fought this fight the way that I trained for it, that it was not going to go 12 rounds. With my defense and my footwork, everything was working perfectly."

So who do you want to see up next for Walters? Who gives the Axe Man the toughest test at 126lbs?

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