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Tommy Coyle knocks out Michael Katsidis, Luke Campbell and Gavin McDonnell win

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Tommy Coyle and Luke Campbell may be headed for a big-time fight next year in Hull, and Gavin McDonnell picked up a solid win on today's Sky Sports card.

Matchroom Boxing

Tommy Coyle knocked a beyond shop-worn Michael Katsidis silly with a second round counter shot today in Hull, England, stopping the veteran Aussie warrior at 1:33 of the frame. It's the biggest name on Coyle's record to date, but obviously the deeper specifics of the win reveal a lot more than that, namely that Katsidis, 34, is no longer the fighter he once was.

That said, Coyle (20-2, 9 KO) did what he had to do with what was in front of him, scoring an electric win that had fans up in arms at home in Hull, where he may now be set up to face fellow hometown fighter Luke Campbell.

Campbell (9-0, 7 KO) beat Daniel Eduardo Brizuela in five rounds on the undercard, eight months after Brizuela (26-4-2, 8 KO) was involved in a life-or-death struggle with Coyle that featured eight knockdowns in total, four apiece for both fighters. The 27-year-old Campbell, who won gold at London 2012, is a polished fighter whose skills probably have him ready for the best at the domestic level, and Coyle is certainly one of the top lightweights in the United Kingdom.

That fight may not be next, but it could obviously be a big draw in Hull sometime in 2015.

Also winning today super bantamweight Gavin McDonnell (12-0-2, 4 KO), who defeated veteran Vusi Malinga (21-6-1, 12 KO) on scores of 116-111, 116-111, and 115-112. Malinga, who has lost three of his last four, was down in the eighth round.