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GGG trainer Sanchez says his fighter KOs Cotto, Canelo, and Ward

Abel Sanchez is confident Gennady Golovkin would stop each of his potential foes and they "know it."

Alexis Cuarezma

In an interview with The Sweet Science, trainer Abel Sanchez makes it clear he thinks his fighter would win handily against Miguel Cotto, Canelo Alvarez, and Andre Ward.

"Miguel Cotto doesn't make it out of the fifth round and he knows it. Canelo doesn't make it out of the eighth round and his people know it. Andre Ward doesn't make it out of the 10th round, and that's why they lost your digits."

Sanchez is referring to the fact that Ward's team hasn't responded to a request by The Sweet Science for comment.

Sanchez had more to say regarding the alleged email from one of Ward's lawyers to HBO's Jim Lampley which supposedly said Ward was open to a fight with Golovkin.

"Andre Ward, his management, his attorney are talking but only doing that, talking. It's a smoke screen, only to stay boxing-relevant. They need to follow up, call [Golovkin's manager] Tom Loeffler, maybe they lost his number also."

A lot to unpack here, but how accurate do you think Sanchez's fight predictions are? And do you think Ward's team is simply trying to keep their name in the media or are they serious about fighting GGG?

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