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Oscar De La Hoya teases a "big-time" event in Washington D.C.

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In interviews with the RING and the Washington Post, De La Hoya mentioned two interesting possibilities for Lamont Peterson at D.C.'s Verizon Center.

Patrick McDermott

While nothing is "set in stone" or even close, De La Hoya told recent interviewers that he's considering a unification bout between Danny Garcia and Lamont Peterson that would take place in Washington D.C. in the near future. Another possible fight mentioned is a rematch between Peterson and Amir Khan.

De La Hoya told the Washington Post:

We’re looking forward to staging a big-time boxing event at the Verizon Center. Who knows, maybe Peterson-Amir Khan or Danny Garcia. I think those are the types of fights the public, the D.C. fight fan, wants to see."

De La Hoya backed off on specifics in a follow up interview with the RING saying, "There is nothing written in stone but Washington D.C., is a great city for boxing."

Certainly it's not news that a promoter is talking about the fights fans want to see. But it's good to hear Oscar discussing some legit match-ups. Here's hoping he can deliver.