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Mares drops trainer Virgil Hunter after one fight

Abner Mares has decided to part ways with Virgil Hunter after one fight to return to his original trainer, Clemente Medina.

Ethan Miller

After losing his first fight and the WBC World Featherweight Title to Jhonny Gonzalez via first round knockout, Abner Mares parted ways with trainer Clemente Medina to work with Virgil Hunter. This was viewed as a move to improve Mares's defense. The Mares-Hunter partnership found success in their first fight- a unanimous decision over Jonathan Oquendo. Mares employed a defensive strategy which was a departure from his brawler-style. Yesterday, the partnership came to an abrupt end as Mares announced on Twitter that he is reuniting with Medina.

When asked by to elaborate on why he left Hunter, Mares said:

With Virgil, I was just saying to him that it’s all about comfort, man.  So it was more about comfort than anything. I didn’t feel comfortable at all. Virgil is a great trainer and I was learning a lot; I’ll tell you that. But it was just not my style and not my area, I should say.

There's no word yet on when and where Mares's next fight will take place.

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