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Eddie Hearn aims for a David Haye-Anthony Joshua showdown

Eddie Hearn foresees a UK megafight between David Haye and Anthony Joshua in the not so distant future.

Scott Heavey
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Promoters are always good for talking up a fight. I mean, that's exactly what they do! But this one I find to be particularly interesting. Eddie Hearn has plans to fast track young prospect Anthony Joshua into stardom by having him take on David Haye by next winter, 2015.

"In the world of boxing and particularly in this country, a fight between David Haye and Anthony Joshua in 2015 is a stadium event," said Hearn.

"It's a huge, huge fight with massive potential and I think again the rate that Anthony is progressing - by the time the winter comes round in 2015 - these are the guys that Anthony is going to be facing.

"If he wants to win world titles, these are the guys he has got to demolish on the way and I'm sure that he will demolish these guys as well. I don't think anything is going to stop him."

Though Joshua only has 8 fights under his belt, he sure looks the part with his freakish physique. David Haye hasn't fought since 2012 when he stopped Dereck Chisora. He had plans on coming back against Tyson Fury but all that went away with a string of injuries which forced him into semi-retirement. But since then Haye has express his interest in getting back into the sport and regaining a world title.

Joshua, when asked about his thoughts on his British rivals and had this to say:

"I work hard. You have to be confident in your ability. I believe I can compete with these guys at a high level, probably get a win, but is it about competing with these guys in a tough fight, 12 rounds, coming out battered and bruised - or you bide your time?

"When the time is right, these fights will happen. Right now October 11 is my priority and in the future, on a piece of paper, these names are on a tick list down the line and hopefully we can do it at Vicarage Road or Wembley. Somewhere special."

Part of me wonders about the pitfalls of pushing a talented fighter into the deep end too soon for the lure of potential super-stardom. Sometimes fighters are perfectly fine to go after good, experienced opponents early in their professional careers, and sometime it only serves to hasten their demise. Whichever is the case in this instance, Anthony first has to take care of business this Saturday against Denis Bakhtove, which will be aired live on Sky Sports.

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