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Floyd Sr: Mayweather-Pacquiao "definitely gonna happen"

In an interview with, Floyd Mayweather Sr. made it clear he thinks the megafight will get made.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Mayweather mouthpiece published an interview with Floyd Mayweather Sr. in which little Floyd's father and trainer minces no words about what he sees as the inevitable clash between his son and Manny Pacquiao.

That fight's gonna happen. Trust me. That fight's definitely gonna happen. It's a fight for the world, man, right there. It's the biggest fight that has ever been in life, so like I said man, that fight's gonna happen. I'ma tell you right now, [Floyd] never told me the fight's gonna happen, but I'ma tell you, the fight's gonna happen. You mark my words and we'll see.

So there you have it! Wait, you're still skeptical? Well so was FightHype, so they pushed Floyd Sr. on whether he really though Bob Arum and Al Haymon were going to sit down and make the fight. What say you to that, Mr. Mayweather??

"'s gonna happen."

That's right folks, it's pretty clear riii ... oh, sorry, Floyd Sr., please continue:

You mark my words and we'll see. And it needs to happen. Just like Ali and Joe Frazier, or Ali and George Foreman, something like that, man, it's one of those fights like that. The world wants to see it and they'll want to see it again when Floyd beats Pacquiao. I'm pretty sure Floyd is gonna make it look where people are going to want to see it again, because I'm just saying, Floyd's gonna pick Pacquiao apart, man.

I don't know what half of that means. But then Floyd Sr. goes into some advanced boxing strategy analysis:

He's a southpaw and Floyd is right-handed, so [Pacquiao will] eat right hands and left hooks all night, and more than likely, he will be going to sleep again. Believe me!

Sorry for the sarcasm. On one hand this isn't really news, but on the other I couldn't NOT post it. It's probably the most adamant anyone "on the inside" has ever been about this fight. But, Floyd Sr. has a habit of saying some pretty out there stuff sometimes.

However ... Dan Rafael is reporting Bob Arum shared that HBO and Showtime/CBS have been discussing the possibility of a joint pay-per-view event.

And for some interesting context, Lennox Lewis reminded everyone recently via Twitter that the "same political BS was going on" when HBO and Showtime worked together to make his megafight with Mike Tyson.

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