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Adrien Broner: Matthysse and Maidana don't want to fight me

Here are some things Adrien Broner said. Strap in.

There was some interviewer asking you a question about Danny Garcia, right before he was gonna fight Matthysse. You said you came up with Garcia in the amateurs. Did you ever fight Garcia in the amateurs?

"No, we never fought in the amateurs. We always fought on the same team. Coming through the same region we would always be at nationals together and all that. We grew up with each other and I'm happy to see him doing his thing on the professional level. We hang out and everything. He's a real good friend."

If a Danny Garcia offer is on the table, would you guys work that out?

"At the end of the day, this is a business. So if it makes sense for both teams, if we're both satisfied, then why not give the fans what they want? But if it don't make sense, it's not gonna happen."

Lucas Matthysse coming off of a victory. Strong kid. His name's been brought up to you before, you still interested in that one?

"Y'all heard what I said, I didn't sugarcoat nothing. Lucas knows what's up, man. Those guys don't wanna fight me, man. Maidana don't wanna fight me again. Matthysse don't wanna fight me. They don't wanna fight me. I gave Maidana the worst fight of his life on the worst night of my life. They don't wanna see that again. And I'm healthy."

Rematch, knowing what you know now, you definitely think you can beat Maidana?

"I'll stop Maidana. It's not even about knowing what I know, it's just, I'll be a totally different person."

Do you think if you were to fight Pacquiao it should come before or after he fights Floyd?

"I don't care if it comes before or after, it's still a hell of a fight, it's a big fight for the both of us. Why not fight Pacman before he leaves the game, at his peak? I'd rather fight him now than to fight him later when he's fighting just to fight. That's stupid."

Do you view Pacman as much of a threat as the rest of the fight game does?

"No, man. That'd be one of the easiest fights. It's just boxing. Only a real good, elite boxer will know what I'm talking about. But I'll make that fight easy as fuck."

Do you think he's actually gonna be victorious versus Algieri?

"Yes. He should knock Algieri out. But the only thing that scares me is, Algieri can really box. Like, he's not an ordinary fighter, like an ordinary fighter, you know. Anybody can overcome an ordinary fighter, get them out of the way. But Algieri, I tip my hat to him. I respect him. He can really do some things in this fight."

He's tall. Like, 5'11", something like that?

"He can really frustrate Pacquiao and beat him. Through 12 rounds, he can beat Pacquiao. Easy. But it's just about how he takes the fight. If he's coming to fight and really beat Pacquiao, he can beat Pacquiao. But sometimes people get on that stage and they don't perform the same."

If Pacman loses to Algieri, do you think that Floyd should still accept the fight with him?

"For what? He can fight Algieri."

Do you still want to see Floyd vs Pacman or not?

"Of course, yeah. I know he'll fuck around and stop Pacquiao, man. It's easy work! That's easy! It's an easy fight! Easy!"

How impressed were you with Floyd's last victory?

"I was very impressed. A lot of people don't understand boxing. I say I beat myself because when I fought Maidana, I fought with my heart. I didn't do what I could have done. It would have been a one-sided fight. People would have been upset, probably, but I would have won that fight, for sure, easy. But big bro, he used his gift that God gave him. His ability to box, his ability to see shots, his ability to use his legs and get out of the way of shots. And hit and not get hit."

Did you find it interesting that Floyd gave himself a C?

"He did good, but you know, at the end of the day we can always do better. Maybe it's, instead of hitting him with one shot he could have hit him with three. Only he knows that. We just outside looking in, so of course we're gonna say he did good. But it's just like my last fight, I know I could've did more, I know I could've did better, but everyone else is, 'Oh my God, you looked great, you looked good,' but I know I could've did better."

Do you have anything you wanna inform the fans of?

"Yes. I just started my About Billions promotion company, so that's on the rise. We've got fighters coming. Robert Easter Jr, who's undefeated. Rau'Shee Warren, three-time Olympian who's undefeated. There's some future champions."

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