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De La Hoya: Fans deserve Danny Garcia - Lamont Peterson

Oscar De La Hoya says if he had it his way he'd make a Garcia - Peterson fight. Well you ARE the promoter, aren't you? Oh yeah, given the management of these fighters I guess being a promoter is just a token position.

Ed Mulholland

Oscar wants to make Danny Garcia vs. Lamont Peterson.

"We have to see where we can make that fight," said De La Hoya of Garcia (29-0, 17 knockouts) and Peterson (33-2-1, 17 KOs), who scored knockouts on the same card in their last fights in August at Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

"But Atlantic City obviously is a place where we would consider placing that fight. Garcia-Peterson is a fight that deserves to be made there but we'll see what happens in their futures."

I always find it a bit ironic when promoters say something like "this is a fight that deserves to be made" or "this is what the fans deserve." Since when does deserve have anything to do with it? (I could reference another quote from 'The Wire' here, but I'll spare you for today). The short answer is -- it really doesn't in most cases. Consider the fact that this is the same company that was telling us that we deserved Danny Garcia-Rod Salka, or more accurately, that Rod Salka deserved the shot against Garcia. Its all subjective and imaginary.

I think most informed fans would tell you that Viktor Postol is more deserving of a Garcia fight than Peterson is at this point. And while that fight seems to be coming down the line, Postol has accepted a "step aside" agreement with Garcia which will allow Garcia to make an interim title defense before having to take on Postol. Really that means almost anything could happen in between that time. Garcia could lose, or he could win and defend against mandatory challanger Viktor Postol, or he could win his interim bout and vacate the title to move up to 147. All those possible scenarios aside, Oscar seems hopeful in putting this fight together, which isn't a bad fight at all, all things considered.

"There are no negotiations taking place whatsoever but that's a fight that I would like to make," said De La Hoya of Garcia and Peterson, each of whom is advised by Al Haymon. "I'm talking about it for a reason and if I am talking about it, then something is going to be made."

"Negotiations will hopefully start soon," said De La Hoya. "That's a fight that Danny deserves and that's a fight that Peterson deserves and that's a fight that the fans deserve."

So tell me fans, is this really the fight that you all deserve?

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