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Bob Arum says (AGAIN!) that Floyd Mayweather is reluctant to fight Pacquiao

With a fist like that, it's a wonder that Bob never thought about taking his talents inside of the ropes. But for today's latest Mayweather blurb, Arum once again mentions that it's Floyd Mayweather who is holding up the mega-fight. Lets start 'the quiet game' and see who can go the longest without mentioning the other.

Joe Scarnici

Yes, yes. I know it's usually the reporters who are directly asking these questions to the parties involved. But at what point does it just become cumbersome? I think we've already passed that point a long time ago, so we might as well keep the shit rolling downhill.

Yesterday, Manny Pacquiao expressed his goal to fight Floyd Mayweather before they both retire. Reporters then immediately, and predictably, asked Bob Arum about making the overly-long-awaited fight happen.

"How can I talk for Mayweather? As far as the Pacquiao fight is concerned with Mayweather," said Arum during an international conference call with media members on Tuesday, "as much as a lot of people surrounding that would want it to happen, myself included and Manny included, Floyd Mayweather is reluctant to fight Manny Pacquiao. Period. If people don't see that by now, they're never gonna see it."

Not so much news here, as this has been repeated over, and over again, for about the last five or so years. But reporters then threw a bit of a curveball by asking Arum about a potential Mayweather-Algieri fight. YES!!! Finally and absolutely the fight we've all be waiting for!

"As far as if Chris Algieri wins the fight from Manny Pacquiao, then there is a provision in the contract for a rematch," said Arum. "And if he then beats Pacquiao and beats Manny in a rematch and Floyd wants to fight [Algieri], that's not my business. That's up to Joe DeGuardia, and it's up to the Mayweather camp."

Awwww, that was a bit anti-climatic...

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