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Highlights: Algieri's trainer has the worst timing ever

He's going to let him out the cage, you guys.

Chris Hyde/Getty Images
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Last night really didn't go well for Chris Algieri or trainer Tim Lane, whose game plan to tire Manny Pacquiao and knock him out was probably poor on paper, and certainly didn't work in execution. The worst moment -- or best, depending on your perspective -- came when HBO's Max Kellerman spoke with Lane during the fight, resulting in some bad timing that will go down in infamy.

Max Kellerman: "Tim, we're talking a lot about the game plan in the corner. We heard you after two rounds tell him, two more of those. What was the game plan coming?"

Tim Lane: "Keep the distance. Keep the distance. Jab on him, let him get tired. Tired of reaching."

Max Kellerman: "Was there an idea that after four rounds, something changes?"

Tim Lane: "Yep."

Max Kellerman: "What going to change?"

Tim Lane: "I'll tell you after. He's gonna put him to sleep here in a few minutes. I'm gonna let him go in one more round. I've got him in the cage right now. I'm gonna let him out the cage."

Max Kellerman: "The plan is to have Algieri knock Pacquiao out?"

Tim Lane: "Yes. But I still got him in the cage. He listens to me very well. I'm gonna let him loose in a round or so."

Max Kellerman: "Round 10?"

Tim Lane: "Round 10 or 11, I'm gonna let him go."

And then Pacquiao drills him.

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