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Gabe Rosado: This Fight Is For The Fans

Gabe Rosado thanks the fans for keeping him relevant in the fight game, despite several losses once hitting the big stage.

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Gabe Rosado is winless in his last four professional boxing matches (and no, I'm not counting that BKB thing). Yet despite coming up short in all of those fights the fans continue to support him, paving way for more opportunities for him to come back on premium network television and show us what he's got. And the one thing he's got is a lot of heart. Jumping up in weight to face a monster in GGG without hesistation, and then taking on the likes of Love, Quillin, and Charlo isn't exactly what I'd describe as 'Easy Street.'

He's now got another shot when he faces off with hard-hitting David Lemieux on HBO, December 6th. I suppose this is proof positive, if there is any, that a loss while putting up a good fight against good opponents isn't the end of the world. Gabe thanks the fans for keeping him relevant, despite the losses.

"It definitely helps when I went through some tough losses throughout my career, the fans definitely speak up, and they definitely show me love on social media," Rosado said during a Monday media conference call.

"It's been mostly more love than it has been negativity. So it helps me and definitely motivates me. The fans definitely keep me relevant because they speak up and they speak their mind, so I definitely appreciate that and it makes me want to get back into the gym and to work harder."

"This fight right here is one that I definitely want to win. I definitely want to win it for the fans, because it's kind of like they're just waiting for me to get my break, already. They're just waiting for me to get that win...A lot of people say that I'm an inspiration to them. I get that a lot, and it's because of my background," said Rosado.

"I've never had a big manager, and I've never had a big promoter, and I've pretty much worked odd jobs during my entire career, having to work the graveyard shifts on jobs while I'm training for fights. So I'm kind of like the blue collar guy that the fans relate to. They're pulling for me because they can relate to me on that level. I stay humble, and I don't get big-headed, and I remember where I come from. That's why the fans relate to me."

Truthfully, I think the fans love the fact that he's willing and able to take on all-comers, even if their reputation for destruction precedes them. And when he does take them on, he always puts up a fight while we've seen others shy away. Of course, this hasn't always served him so well as the numerous nasty cuts and scar tissue have taken a toll on him (to the point where he had to have an operation to remove scar tissue from his eye earlier this year). But his inclination to always jump right back in the fire pit has its own allure with fans, not to mention a couple of tough breaks which came with a penchant for second chances.

"I feel that I've had some controversial decisions, and I think that the fans spoke up loudly when I fought J'Leon Love, and they all felt that was a fight that I won. With Peter Quillin, I felt that I was finally on the verge of getting the knockout, and I felt like I had the momentum on my side," said Rosado.

"That was a fight that the fans thought I was going to win, and the commentators all had me up on the cards when that fight got stopped in the championship rounds. I think that they're losses that the people say that he was winning on the commentators' scorecards, and they were not fights that I flat out lost."

"I flat out lost to Charlo. That was a fight that a lot of that was because that was a fight where I thought that I could make 154 again, and I killed myself to make the weight. But when it comes to middleweight, the only guy that I think beat me in the middleweight division is Triple G [Golovkin,]" said Rosado.

"But when you look at the Love fight and the Peter Quillin fight, those are fights that the fans thought that I was winning, and so did I. The fans know better, and you can't fool the fans, and, that's why I think I'm getting this fight. I don't think that he's the favorite in this fight...People know what I bring to the table."

"I think that that's what keeps boxing alive. We're too quick to write off a guy because he lost a fight. As long as it's a great fight, the fighters don't lose, the fans win, and boxing wins. This is a fight that is going to answer a lot of questions...It's a fight where I expect fireworks, and I'm very excited about this fight."

Truer words may have never been spoken...

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