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Bad Left Hook is looking for more talent!

As of November 26, 2014, we here at BLH are once again on the scouting trail looking to find some fresh talent for our staff. Are you THE ONE?

What we're looking for!

Capable and hungry people who know blogging to some degree (or can very quickly learn), who follow boxing news and events, and would like to share their thoughts on the stories of the day. We're looking, in other words, for folks who want to hit the newswire and contribute to that end of the site.

We're also looking for feature writers who have something to say. Do you have an idea for a weekly feature, for instance? Something creative or outside the box? Or something normal and inside the box? Either way, let us know your ideas.

What you need to do

Send your ideas and preferably some sample work to Scott via email, and we'll evaluate and get back to you.

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