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Canelo Alvarez is looking towards a 'huge' 2015

Oscar De La Hoya just flew down to meet with Canelo Alvarez to discuss his future. Both of them expect a huge upcoming year for him.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Oscar acknowledges that discussions are taking place with Team Cotto in order to put together a big even next May. But Oscar also thinks that Canelo can fight just about anyone and draw big numbers, and thus he's not completely concerned about the choice of opponent.

"We have had some initial conversation, so, obviously, Cotto is on Canelo's radar and he's on the top of his list," said De La Hoya. "But Canelo is Canelo where he can fight anybody and still generate the numbers that he's happy with."

Speaking more on his meeting with Canelo, Oscar continued to offer their ideas for Canelo's upcoming 2015 campaign.

"I had a very important meeting yesterday with Canelo. I flew down to Guadalajara to go and see him, and we talked about a lot of things. We're looking forward to next year being a huge year," said De La Hoya.

"Canelo still wants to fight in May, so he's going to fight in May. Against who? We're going to start working on that. We're going to start working on getting him the perfect guy to make that a huge event on that weekend."

That weekend presumably alludes to the Cinco De Mayo weekend that's a huge fight date in the boxing industry. It looks like Canelo and Oscar aren't shying away from trying to steal it away from Floyd Mayweather. If they were to put together a Alavarez-Cotto card, they may actually have a fighting chance, unless of course Floyd one up's them with the ever-elusive Pacquiao fight.

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