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Manny Pacquiao 'took pity on' Chris Algieri

Manny Pacquiao thought Chris Algieri was tough but overmatched in their fight.

Chris Hyde/Getty Images

According to a report at, Manny Pacquiao admits that he "took pity" on Chris Algieri in their one-sided fight last Saturday night in Macau. Pacquiao (57-5-2, 38 KO) routed Algieri (20-1, 8 KO), scoring six knockdowns on the way to a win on scores of 119-103, 119-103, and 120-102.

"I took pity on him. ... He is still inexperienced, yet he was already thrown into the pit. Though he has potential, he fought a veteran fighter. He still lacks experience. We're too far apart in terms of level. ... But he's really tough, though. He didn't want to get knocked out. He impressed me because he held on even though he was inexperienced. He tried his best."

Though this encouraging pat on the head may be little consolation to Algieri, the fight pretty well reflected what Pacquiao is saying. The two weren't remotely close in terms of experience, preparation, or overall skill, and that's not to disrespect Algieri, who gave his best effort. It's just that Pacquiao was one, two, maybe three levels above him. The fight was never competitive and was all but over as soon as it started.

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