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Report: Mickey Rourke fight was fixed, opponent was homeless man

Mickey Rourke's opponent being paid to lose won't surprise anyone, if true. But the fact that his opponent was a reportedly homeless man might.

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Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

In a report that won't exactly surprise anyone who saw the fight, the Daily Mail says that Mickey Rourke's boxing match last Friday in Moscow wasn't exactly on the up-and-up, as his opponent was a homeless guy paid to go to Russia and lose.

From the article:

The family source, who asked not to be named, spoke out because they are worried Seymour has mental health issues and has been exploited by the the fight's organisers.

They said: 'All these headlines Mickey Rourke beat someone half his age... yeah he did but you're not telling them the real story, the real story is he's homeless and desperate and he will probably go back to living on the streets when he gets back. People have no clue about that.

'There's so much more to the situation than people know, and there's so much that's more important than the fact it was fixed, which is the fact he doesn't have a home and he's got some mental health issues.'

The Mail also says they spoke to someone at the Wild Card Boxing Club who pretty much confirmed the allegations:

MailOnline also spoke to a source at Wild Card gym who claimed the Moscow exhibition bout was rigged and went further describing Seymour as a 'professional opponent'.

The gym source said: 'Elliot trains here sometimes. He's a professional opponent. Meaning you pay him to lose.

'The fight was a joke... Mickey needs to stop pretending he ever was very good and just keep acting. It's kind of an embarrassment really. Mickey throws punches so slow and infant could avoid them.'

The report says that Elliot Seymour, the 29-year-old fighter Rourke fought, has been homeless since May 2013.

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