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Kell Brook looking for a March 7th comeback

Still recovering from wounds sustained in a stabbing in Tenerife, Kell Book expects to return to training next week for a March return.

Stephen Dunn

Kell Brook wants to return to the ring to defend his title on March 7th. He's still recovering from an 11-inch knife wound to his upper-left thigh, one he admittedly feared would be fatal, but after two months of intense rehab he thinks he can get back to prime condition soon.

"We have March 7 down but we'll just have to see how things go," said Brook (33-0, 22 knockouts), THE RING's No. 4 at 147 pounds. "But I am feeling tip top now. I am ready to get back in the gym again and start training hard."

Brook has intimated that he thought was a having friendly debate on the differences between boxing and street fighting, and that debate turned into an all out attack (I have to admit, this kind of sounds like some of our comment threads). Brook went on to say he had only met the perpetrator that night and that he didn't know him personally, and even to date there haven't been any arrests made on the incident.

"We were getting on fine but before I knew it he had this knife and, with no warning, he swiped me in the leg," he said. "Blood was spurting all over and I thought: ‘This is it now. I am going to die here'."

Fortunately, even the medical team for Sheffield United (where Brook has been rehabbing) are surprised at how quickly Brook has recovered thus far.

"The knife had gone right through one of the muscles," explained the club's physiotherapist, Ed Owen. "He had to have it surgically reattached. We had a lot of muscle wasting but gradually we are getting that back now.

"You can just start to see the muscle bolt coming back higher up the leg. We have been really pleased with it."

We were all wishing Brook a speedy recovery and I'm sure we're all glad to hear his progressing faster than expected. We look forward to seeing you back in that squared-circle soon to defend your title.

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