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Adrien Broner on professional party tour

You know what Adrien Broner likes? Money. You know what people seem willing to give him to hang out and have fun? Money. Win-win.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Boxing? Who needs it?! Adrien Broner is a former 130, 135, and 147 pound titleholder, but he might be ready to move on to another career as a professional clown. TMZ reports that Broner is currently on a bus tour across the country, taking bookings to turn up at your party and make it fun.

I'm serious, that's what a professional clown does, right? I'm not even being snarky. I think this is funny and awesome.

broner party

TMZ says Broner is booked every single weekend through the end of the year, and is willing to work Thanksgiving and Christmas.

My suggestion is we all get some money together and ditch our families for Thanksgiving, and have a party somewhere glamorous, like, I dunno, Wichita, and we get Adrien Broner so that we don't all sit around like a bunch of idiots. His usual rate is $6-10K, but I'm guessing for Thanksgiving we'll have to come up with something like $20K. Let's go, people. Empty those pockets.

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