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Tim Bradley: I'll fight Amir Khan, I'll even fight Klitschko!

Tim Bradley talks about his fight with Diego Chaves, and gets a little animated about Amir Khan.

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

On what he expects from Diego Chaves

"He'll brawl. Diego, he has lots of success with brawling. I know he's gonna come. But he also has a little twist to his game, too. He can box a little bit, too. Studying him was quite difficult because he always changes, man, so much. I see why Keith Thurman had a hard time with him. He changes speeds, he steps in, he gets out, he makes you fall short. In spots, he walks you down. In spots, he likes to get out and move, and use his angles. He's very difficult. He puts his punches together, he doubles up with the left hand, right hand, uppercuts. He has the full arsenal. He's a difficult opponent, man, and I like difficult. It's up to me to figure him out."

On whether he sized up Chaves upon meeting him

"Nah, I respect everyone in the sport. Anybody that steps foot in that ring, I respect. I'm experienced now, man. There's no machoness needed to show whatever. This is a business, we're both sportsmen. We get in there, I respect him, I'm gonna shake his hand like a man. You learn a lot in this sport. It can be a sport, and it can be a dangerous sport at the same time."

On whether he's relieved with less media

"As far as stress-wise goes, yeah. The stress as far as how much you need to be obligated to do during the week of the fight and other things. That's the cool part of this, but I like to have that exposure, and I like to be out there in the media, and I like to talk, and I like to do the shows. It's actually pretty fun for me, but it is taxing on the body during the week of the fight. There's no radio row, there's no interviews -- I had about an hour of interviews today, about 15 minutes each. It's not much. I feel good. I was actually laying in bed and relaxing. It's a weird feeling. ... Better state of mind coming into Saturday, absolutely. Hyping up a big pay-per-view, it's question after question, the same question over and over and over. It's months before, and months leading up. ... It's kinda hard to be creative (answering the same questions). Sometimes you get guys that just wanna ask silly questions and have an interview just getting to know me, and it's not just the fight, you know? I appreciate that."

On Pacquiao vs Algieri

"Pacquiao looked fantastic in that fight. He was ready, he didn't take this guy lightly. Pacquiao brought the pain. Algieri had a little less experience, definitely the experience played an effect. The speed difference was enormous. Algieri got a chance to feel what it's like to be in there with a world class athlete like Manny Pacquiao."

On Amir Khan and possibly fighting him

"Always. Always. Always. ... Amir doesn't bug me at all, man. You look at Amir's career and you look at my career, it speaks for itself. You know what I'm saying? Amir's gonna do what he's gonna do. I do what I do. If our lanes cross, let's do it! Dude, like I told you. I'll fight anybody. Amir is one of them. I'll fight you, Amir. I'm not afraid of you. Whatever time you want to, let's make it happen. If you wanna fight after this fight, make it happen. They already know! Come talk to my people, come talk to my manager, and we can make it happen. I'll fight anybody, man! If Klitschko needs a dancing partner, I'll fight him, too, because I bet you I can go more rounds with him than anybody out there."

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