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Keith Thurman: Somebody's got to destroy Mayweather

Keith Thurman talks "Burn Money" and a potential fight with Floyd Mayweather with Keith "Champ" Creed.

The 2015 slogan 'Burn Money,' where did you get the inspiration for that?

"Right here, baby. In my heart, in my passion. Somebody's got to destroy the man. And he's the money man. He wants to be money, I want to destroy him, so what better way to destroy money, than to burn money?"

A lot of people kind of fall back and they let Floyd assert himself in his fights. Will you be the first guy to break the Mayvinci Code and take it to him the way that it hasn't been taken to him before?

"I'll definitely take it to him a way that it hasn't been taken to him before, and by doing that, I'll be doing something that you guys would actually not even expect. A lot of people think they know the formula, but there is no real formula, man. It's all about the milli-second. It's all about being in the moment, and in that moment he's gonna realize he's in with a real dog, a real beast, in with a real intelligent young fighter. In with a powerhouse. He's gonna be in there with something that he's never been in there before, man. He knows how to face adversity. So maybe he will be able to get through the adversity, but like always, man, he don't want me to touch him one time."

It's one thing to think you can beat the man, and it's another to know you can beat the man. Where do you fall on that equation?

"To be honest, man, because I'm an honest dude, there's no shame in my game -- I see it 50/50 from my perspective. He is highly intelligent, world class level. He knows what it takes. This is what it is, man. Floyd Mayweather is the best seven-round fighter in the world. The reason why he's the best seven-round fighter in the world is because it takes seven rounds to win a world title. Floyd ain't gonna knock me out. Floyd ain't gonna knock a bum out. Floyd don't knock nobody out. But Floyd will beat you for seven rounds. So when we go to camp, we're gonna make sure we get the best out of Floyd Mayweather."

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