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50 Cent expects Jay Z to fall flat in boxing promotion

Though 50 respects Jay Z as a mogul and businessman, he expects Jay to learn about boxing business the hard way...much like he has?

Noam Galai/Getty Images

50 Cent has no problem in competing with Jay Z in a new arena, the boxing promotion business. Roc Nation Sports has been making strides to get into the business with a splash, but have already hit a few hurdles, particularly with trying to sign talent. 50, though, expects this to be a recurring theme and doesn't see this new venture going well for Jay.

"I think they gonna clean Jay up," 50 told without flinching in New York City on Wednesday night, following the screening of TAPIA, the HBO documentary about late boxer Johnny Tapia. "The sport of boxing is going to clean him up and he's going to find out it's not like any other portion of business that he's been involved in."

"You can't just buy your way into it by purchasing existing companies and stuff like that," he snarled. "You look at the roster of have to have experienced people around to run it. But boxing is like the fur coat business...we don't know how much they actually sold the jacket for."

50 may be speaking from experience here - his own SMS promotions company hasn't exactly hit its stride coming out the gates. All of his top talent has either promptly lost or defected. Gamboa was the last man standing and we all saw how the Terence Crawford fight played out. I suppose he can meet Jay back at the drawing board...

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