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Mickey Rourke's opponent confesses to taking a dive

Elliot Seymour was tracked down by TMZ, and admits on camera that he was paid to take a dive in the second round.

Theo Wargo/NBC/Getty Images

As much as I could care less about this entire shenanigan - it's a fairly quiet news day so I thought I might post this for the six or seven of you who might actually be interested (of course this could be a gross overestimation). TMZ tracked down and interviewed Elliot Seymour on the street to ask about his "fight" with Rourke last month in Russia - the one in which he initially denied allegations that the fight was staged.

In the interview, Seymour admitted that he was specifically told by Rourke's handlers, and others who staged this complete farce, to go down in the second round. He was also instructed to not strike Mickey in the face at any point during the match (Seriously?! I mean, at least make it look authentic). Seymour goes on to say that, to his knowledge, Rourke was not involved or even aware this whole staging was taking place, but that he hopes to get back in the ring soon for a legitimate fight. Seymour has a record of 1-9 in professional boxing so perhaps he shouldn't be too eager to resume a boxing career.

In fact, even as I write this short piece I'm wishing I hadn't even paid this any mind at all. So, I'm done. The whole thing was clearly a hoax from the beginning and it was always pretty plain to see.

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