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Nicholas Walters: I'm a gladiator

The "Axe Man" sees himself as a different breed of fighter, a gladiator who is mixed in with a bunch of mere boxers.

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Nicholas Walters is coming off his career best win - a wipeout over former pound-for-pound star Nonito Donaire. After consecutive stoppages over both Vic Darchinyan and Nonito Donaire, Walters doesn't see a foe in the division who can hang with him.

"None of these guys today are as intelligent a fighter as I am and none of them has the skills that I have," said Walters. "They're scientific fighters and that makes a difference in the ring. They're not the breed of the gladiator that I am in the ring. I am a different breed. I am a gladiator in the ring. These guys are boxers, not gladiators."

Now the Jamaican born fighter - I'm sorry, I meant 'gladiator' - is hoping to land a fight with either Jhonny Gonzalez, Lomachenko, or Gradovich, the other belt-holders of the division. But he's not sure if he'll be able to land any of them right away.

"I mean, I beat two big-named guys last year and I'm undefeated. I didn't just knock those two guys out but I was definitely winning the fights in every round on the scorecards. My fans love my fights, and they're looking for me and everybody is wondering what's going to be next for me for the year 2015. So I'm really hoping that there are some big fights on some big cards so that I can really continue to display my talents in 2015."

It seems that both Walters and Lomachenko are being targeted for a doubleheader appearance, in separate fights, during the first quarter of 2015, with the expected eventuality that they face off in a unification bout later in the year.

Walter's manager, Rob Mittleman (what a great name for a manager!) has been in discussions with Bob Arum about making this all happen - as well as other potential opponents.

"There are a lot of guys who we'd fight but we'd love to fight Vetyeka...He didn't embarrass himself against Donaire as much as Donaire quit after he got cut. Vetyeka is a guy who beat Chris John, so we'd fight him," said Mittleman.

"We think that Vetyeka is somebody that HBO will accept but I don't know that Vetyeka will fight us. We'd like to fight Gradovich but I don't think that's gonna happen. But you know, Walters is a beast now, so I don't know if we could get anybody to fight us."

Walters also added his final comments:

"Gonzalez and Gradovich, they are the big names but I will leave all of that up to my managers. I'm just the fighter. All that I do is train. Whoever they say is the next opponent, then that's who it is. If it's Lomachenko, then no problem; let's do Lomachenko. So, listen, I would fight Lomachenko," said Walters.

"And if it's Lomachenko and he can go the full 12 rounds, then good for him. But I don't play for 12. I don't fight for 12. I don't do my training to go into the ring and to say, ‘I trained to go for the full 12 rounds.' I'm going out there to knock my opponent out. If it goes 12, then it goes 12 but I'm going in there to knock the opponent out."

People absolutely love this attitude from Walters! But I have to say that a fight between him and Loma doesn't seem to have a clear-cut favorite at this time. Who would you favor in a unification bout between Walters and Lomachenko?

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