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Stevenson vs Sukhotsky: Quotes and photos from undercard presser


"I'm more prepared than I was for the first fight [against Bizier in November 2013]. I'm in better shape, both physically and mentally. I expect it to be a great fight. I'm going to put on a great performance to win the fight.

"It depends on him if this fight will be a war. If he wants to bang, we'll bang. If he wants to box, we'll box. It depends on his strategy. I'm able to adjust to anything.

"I can't predict the ending until the fight starts. I'm ready for Friday. I can't wait to get in the ring to prove that I will win again.

"I'm excited to make a great impression for the fans in the U.S."


"It was the best training camp since I turned professional. I'm happy with where I am and I feel I did everything necessary to walk out of the ring with a victory.

"What killed us in the first fight was the holding from Jo Jo Dan. Every time I did something good he would hold me, and then he would respond with garbage punches that made him look good. Even if I landed the cleaner punches he would score with garbage punches after holding.

"The holding was a huge issue and we're going to make sure the referee doesn't allow it this time around.

"I'm ready for everything. I'm ready for a war. I've been ready since the last fight. Whatever he brings to the table, I will be one step ahead.

"I will win. I promise you. If the knockout comes, it comes."


"I trained really hard. Everything was on schedule. We're prepared and ready to fight.

"My main goal isn't to knock him out, it's to win the fight. If I do everything right then the fight will end in a knockout.

"I'll do what I have to do to win over the U.S. fans. I know I'm not that well known in the U.S., but I'm going to show them my skills and give them my best. I'm a simple person but I'm going to open up and earn their respect.

"I'd like to fight for a world championship and become a world champion in 2015."


"Training camp went great. We trained up in the higher altitude of Big Bear [Calif.] with Abel Sanchez, bringing in fighters from all over the world. I'm in the best shape of my life. We're very confident for this fight.

"I'm coming to win. I didn't come all the way here to get knocked out.

"I've been in Quebec for two days and I love this city, I love the people here. I'm ready to put on a good show for them.

"He has power, but I have a lot of power, too. I'm going to counter his power with my speed and footwork. I have great power - 10 knockouts in 15 fights.

"I'm not afraid to trade with him, but I'll use my footwork and speed to beat him.

"I'm predicting a knockout. I train for knockouts, but I'm prepared to go the full 10 rounds."

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