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Andre Dirrell wants another shot at Carl Froch

Andre Dirrell is scheduled to fight Derek Edwards tomorrow, on the undercard of Stevenson-Sukhotsky. He's hoping to get himself back into a position to fight Carl Froch once again.

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Andre Dirrell is immensely talented, and also a bit of an enigma. After losing his only fight in his first bout of the Super-Six tournament in 2009, a split decision loss against Carl Froch, he went on a very long period of inactivity. Well he actually fought and beat Arthur Abraham several months after that, but began a stretch where he fought only three times in a four year span. He's recently made a comeback to fighting with regularity and if he stays the course, he could be right back in the title hunt in no time. He certainly has the skill set to contend.

"It's good to be back," said Dirrell, 31, who has scored consecutive technical knockouts in the fifth and fourth rounds over Vladine Biosse and Nick Brinson in August and October, respectively. "This is my third fight in five months and before that, I fought three times in the past four years. I'm on a very busy schedule right now and it feels good."

"I want that rematch with Carl Froch," said Dirrell, a winner of five consecutive fights, three by knockout. "He's the IBF champion and a win on Friday will bring me closer to fighting him again and proving that I beat him the first time."

But before he can't demand that fight, he's going to have to climb his way back up the ladder a little bit, and that continues with tomorrows fight against Derek Edwards - the man who slumped Badou Jack in 60 seconds earlier this year. Despite that short night back in February, Edwards hasn't fought since then.

"I'm just looking forward to the fight. It will put me in a high ranking in the IBF and bring me this much closer to challenging for that title pretty soon. I'm excited to be here...I just can't wait for the action to start," Dirrell continued.

Edwards is pretty tough but also pretty limited, as is evidenced by his 2-3-1 records over his last 6 fights. Prior to taking out Badou Jack, Edwards was himself stopped in the 9th round by Matt Korobov.

"This is definitely the biggest fight of my life. There's no tomorrow," said Edwards, 35. "It's just one night. I need to seize the moment and lay it all out on the line. This is my one big shot."

How many of you out there would like to see a rematch between Dirrell and Froch? And do you think he has a good shot at beating The Cobra. I say 'Yes' to both...

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