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Guillermo Rigondeaux: Other beltholders are running scared

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Ahead of his upcoming New Years Eve bout with Hisashi Amagasa, Rigo took a chance to vent his frustrations that he can't get a beltholder in the ring with him.

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Rigo has had a tough time pleasing fans, networks, and enticing other notables within his division to step up to the plate to fight him. This has forced him to fight in Asia for the second consecutive time this year, as his frustrations continue to build.

"This is my second time fighting in Asia this year," said Rigondeaux, who ended ended a 36-0-1 unbeaten streak for Kokietgym and was coming off consecutive unanimous decisions over Nonito Donaire in April 2013 and Joseph Agbeko last December.

"I am very frustrated that the other world beltholders are running scared and won't fight me. It's disgraceful that we couldn't find a world-class, 122-pound fighter to fight me."

He would rather be facing the other top brass in the division, such as Carl Frampton, Leo Santa Cruz, or even Scott Quigg, all of whom are currently the top undefeated fighters at 122lbs. But unfortunately, none of them want anything to do with the 14-0 Cuban dynamo.

"Unfortunately the only fighters who are prepared to challenge ‘Rigo' are Asian fighters," said Hyde, during an earlier interview with "Santa Cruz. Frampton and Quigg want no part of him, so, Asia, here we come again."

In a sense, Rigo is very much in a position akin to Gennady Golovkin. He's super-talented, offers limited brand value, but my god can he box his ass off. He is the epitome of high risk-low reward, so its no wonder that the other beltholders wouldn't mind skirting him as long as they can. However, there is one significant difference between Rigo and GGG -- Rigo isn't compelling to watch in the ring, whereas GGG certainly is. Because of this, Gennady has been steadily building his brand on HBO, whereas Rigo isn't doing much of anything noteworthy at the moment. Bob Arum even mentioned HBO executives regurgitating at the mere mention of Rigo's name in the past. So without a major network backing him and without altering his deliberate, yet effective, boxing style to become more fan friendly - he may have many more rough roads ahead to endure.