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Trainer: Chisora should take a break from boxing

Dereck Chisora looked lousy this past weekend, and while he wants to make a quick return, trainer Don Charles is not in agreement.

Julian Finney/Getty Images

Following an ugly beatdown against Tyson Fury, Dereck Chisora is being advised to take a break from the sport from trainer Don Charles, who says Chisora wasn't right before the rematch, which turned out to be a major letdown from a competitive standpoint.

"When we got into the venue, I picked something up. The ring walk, I also picked something up there. And in the second round I realised something was drastically wrong. There was a sense of panic in his eyes. ... Since I've known Dereck, for the last 12 years, all he has done is train and fight. He needs to have a little time away from boxing and look at it again."

Charles also thinks he might be out as Chisora's trainer, and says that there's "something fundamentally wrong," since the two have fought at high levels together but never scored that big win. (That being said, many thought he was robbed in Finland against Robert Helenius, but it goes down as a loss.)

Chisora (20-5, 13 KO) hopes to return to the ring on February 28, when Fury is tentatively scheduled to fight again in a main event.

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