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Bolonti's promoter: Don't Get Up!

It has apparently been too long since the last boxing controversy, so let us take a look at the latest fiasco.

Scott Heavey/Getty Images

For those of you who didn't get a chance to watch, Jean Pascal was able to secure his fight with Sergey Kovalev via a no contest against Roberto Bolonti, which should have never come to fruition to begin with. Pascal indeed fouled Bolonti in the second round with a short push/punch with the right hand to Bolonti's face during a break - but pretty much everyone who witnessed what happened next will tell you that Bolonti dramatically oversold the foul to get out of the fight. Bolonti laid on the canvas lifeless as if he had just been gunned down - and stayed down for quite a while.

Now, we have some video evidence of what occurred in Bolonti's corner as this all happened. Apparently, Bolonti was seemingly recovering from the foul when he heard some instructions from his corner. In the video below, RingTV identifies the voice you hear as the "unmistakeable voice of [Osvaldo] Rivero," Bolonti's promoter, repeatedly telling him "No te levantes," or "Don't get up!" after the foul was committed.

Bolonti would end up leaving the ring on a stretcher with an oxygen mask, but none of the medical staff looked all that concerned with his physical condition (which sort of tells its own tale). But being that no one really wanted to see this crap of a fight anyways, don't expect too much outrage - we can all pretend like none of this ever happened (as it should've been from the beginning).

This also isn't the first time Rivero has been in some controversy. Back in 1993 there was this incident where he, in what appeared to be collusion with the referee, held his fighter up by the trunks in the corner as he was out on his feet. The referee initially broke up a pounding alongside the ropes to supposedly give a standing 8-count, but gave much more than that, and ended the round early to protect Rivero's fighter. It was pretty despicable and got the referee banned for life by the WBA.

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