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Carl Froch vs. George Groves II: Contract agreement is reportedly reached

A contract agreement for the rematch between Carl Froch and George Groves has been reached.

Scott Heavey

A rematch to one of 2013's most controversial matches is getting closer to fruition. Boxing Scene has reported that Carl Froch and George Groves have reached a contract agreement to face each other in a rematch to their fight that occurred last November and saw Froch walk away with a ninth round stoppage victory that was hotly debated to put it nicely.

The ending was so challenged that the IBF ordered a rematch to take place, and gave a February 8 deadline for a deal to be made between the camps. If a deal could not be struck on time, the fight would go to purse bid. According to the IBF's rules, a purse bid would have resulted in an 85% - 15% monetary split in favor of the champion (Froch in this case), giving extra incentive for the Groves side to aggressively negotiate before that happens. Fortunately for them, the IBF allowed an extension of the deadline, and the deal appears to be done.

IBF president Daryl J. Peoples had this to say:

"We have been informed by Carl Froch's people and George Groves' people that they have come to an agreement, so it will not go out to purse bids.

"It is an excellent fight, great for the IBF and the UK, and I understand that there's been quite a demand for it (the rematch) - they're two top notch fighters. We haven't been notified of a venue yet - they're trying to finalize those details - but I understand that the contracts will be with us soon."

According to the article, the fight is likely to take place in May.

This is a rematch that we knew was going to take place. Their first encounter was an excellent fight with drama and the controversial (and, in my opinion, terrible) stoppage only added to the spectacle. This fight will be a huge deal in the UK.

Can Groves finish what he started last time? Or will Froch retain the momentum from the ending of the first one and come out more ready than he did in their previous battle?

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