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Brandon Rios: Mikey Garcia will stop 'f***ing little midget' Yuriorkis Gamboa

Brandon Rios was asked a question that involved Yuriorkis Gamboa, and he lost his mind.

Stephen Dunn
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Brandon Rios is working out in the gym again after his November loss to Manny Pacquiao, and was asked about Team Garcia stablemate Mikey Garcia's likely upcoming fight with Yuriorkis Gamboa. Rios, who once had a fight with Gamboa lined up only for the Cuban to bail, has some...opinions.

"Mikey will stop that little fucking little midget. Man, fuck that little midget. That fucking Gamboa, motherfucker. That motherfucker, I don't give a fuck. It is what it is. OK, I understand, promotional problem, whatever the reason it is. OK, cool. It's understandable. So I shut up. I haven't said shit about that motherfucking name out of my mouth in a long time.

"All of a sudden he grows some balls on the internet and fucking starts tweeting shit like, 'I would fuck up Brandon.' That's why we've been talking shit on Twitter, because he's the one started mentioning my name out of his mouth. It's, like, come on, dude.

"I understand that your problem was with Top Rank, because you wanted to get paid more to fight me. That motherfucker was going to make way more than I was going to make. So at the end of the day, fuck him. Because I believe he was gonna get, like, $1.2, $1.3 million for that fight I was not gonna get that shit! I was gonna get, like, ($500,000). And he still didn't show up! But you know what, fuck it. And he's running his mouth. It's, like, dude."

"Mikey will fuck him up, dude. Mikey will beat him like he did all his opponents. Like the way he did Burgos. He's just gonna box him. Gamboa, they say, oh, Mikey's a boring fighter. Nah, people say he's a boring fighter because he doesn't pursue pressure. But he's not a dumbass. He fuckin' waits for you to fuck up, then he's gonna counter your ass. When he hurts you, then he puts on a little more pressure. Mikey's gonna dominate like he did Burgos, JuanMa, like he did to Rocky Martinez. He'll do the same shit like he did to those motherfuckers."

5.3% of what Brandon Rios said here was an F-bomb, and it took cooling off after an amazing start to get it that low.

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