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Schaefer: Arum should stay quiet about what Golden Boy fighters are doing

Richard Schaefer got word of Bob Arum saying that Amir Khan should "tell (Golden Boy) to piss off," and has come back with his own barbs.

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Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Tricky Dick and the Bobfather are at it again. In response to Bob Arum saying that Amir Khan has been treated disgracefully and should tell Golden Boy and Floyd Mayweather to stick it where the sun don't shine (not in so many words), Richard Schaefer says that Arum should mind his own beeswax, and worry about his own guys:

"Bob Arum should worry about his own fighters and his own fights, like his Ring of Gold bullshit from Macao. ... Arum always feels like he's the godfather of boxing and has to comment on other people's fights. I can understand that because he's not that busy over there, so he has time to do that. He is better off dealing with his own stuff."

And to show that he's super serious about this war of words, Schaefer pointed out one troubling situation, with the promise to comment publicly on what Top Rank does if Arum can't stay quiet about Golden Boy:

"Maybe I would start with Timothy Bradley - who had a signed rematch provision with Manny Pacquiao for $10 million dollars. But instead of Pacquiao he got Provodnikov, and instead of $10 million he got $2 million for an HBO fight, where it almost cost him his life," Schaefer said.

"So now, how is Bradley getting rewarded? He's getting Pacquiao. That's great. But is he getting the contractual $10 million dollars? No he's not, and why is nobody bringing up that shit. If I would be Bob, I would leave it at this. Let's not go down the line, because if he wants to go and give Golden Boy fighters advice - I'll be happy, I'll be very happy to do the same with Top Rank fighters."

Can't these gentlemen just respect the old ways of doing boxing business and rip people off while not calling each other out on ripping people off? Come on, guys. You're all in this together. You even have the same common enemy: that danged media, who keep letting (the other guy) off the hook.

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