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Froch vs Groves II: Groves' trainer expects 'implosion' from Froch, similar to Holyfield-Tyson II

Is Carl Froch a six-round fighter? George Groves' trainer says he is, but it's not the first six that Froch prefers to work, according to Paddy Fitzpatrick.

Jan Kruger

In a piece at the Swindon Advertiser, George Groves' trainer Paddy Fitzpatrick says that his fighter will make Carl Froch work quickly, and that he also believes Froch is in a fight he doesn't actually want, which may lead to a breakdown.

"I'll tell you the type of Carl Froch I expect - Mike Tyson in the rematch with Evander Holyfield. I expect him to implode because he is in a fight he doesn't want. He will want to change something but what are you going to do? Do you want to start quicker when you normally don't?

"Now you are out of character, already are you going to wait for the championship rounds, you'd better not because George is starting quicker than he did last time, so what you going to do? The closer it gets, oh Jesus, he'll be feeling all those emotions and trying to push those emotions out."

Fitzpatrick says that Froch now fights with the mindset of getting to the second half of the fight and taking over:

"Carl continues to talk about the championship rounds. He has had that gameplan for the last few fights and other fights have been close so that gameplan doesn't always work, so don't hang anything on that. He is a six-round fighter. He fights in the championship rounds, he is not a 12-round fighter."

Even though the stoppage last November was controversial -- so much so that the IBF ordered a rematch, which is rare in this situation -- you have to say that if that was the game plan the first time, it did work. Groves came out fast early against Froch in November, then Froch started to take over as the second half of the fight came around.

There's also the chance (and it's something else Paddy touches on) that Froch simply and truly underestimated Groves that first time, let his ego get the best of him and genuinely didn't believe that Groves could hang with him. Froch knows that's not the case this time.

What do you expect to see on May 31? Will Froch be better than the first time around? Can Groves be better than he was before?