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Miguel Cotto vs. Sergio Martinez: Martinez's advisor says Martinez isn't finished, takes jab at Richard Schaefer

Sergio Martinez's advisor knows that Martinez is not close to being finished.

Jeff Bottari

Sampson Lewkowicz, advisor to Sergio Martinez, feels confident that his fighter will emerge victorious on June 7th when he faces Miguel Cotto on HBO PPV at Madison Square Garden. It will be Cotto's ninth bout in the legendary venue, who also was able to coax a silly catchweight of 159 pounds out of the grueling negotiations.

On top of all this, Martinez has appeared to gradually be breaking down over the last few years. He has suffered several injuries lately, requiring knee surgery after his win over Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. in 2012 and suffering a fractured hand after his victory over Martin Murray this past year.

Still, anyone who thinks that Martinez will enter the ring in poor physical condition is being foolish according to Lewkowicz when he spoke to Boxing Scene's Rick Reeno.

"I think anyone who is thinking that or saying that, needs to come down to watch this fight personally at Madison Square Garden or see it on pay-per-view, because I can honestly guarantee to you right now - that whoever believes that about Martinez will believe something totally different when the fight is over. Anyone who thinks Martinez is finished, will be thinking the opposite on the morning of June 8th."

He can count me among those who think that Martinez is breaking down. Sergio has been requiring an excessive amount of time to recover from fights lately, and I think that is a symptom of age along with general wear and tear. I believe a prime version of Martinez rolls over Cotto like a tidal wave, but I don't think we will see prime Martinez out there on June 7th.

Lewkowicz also takes a not-too-subtle jab at Richard Schaefer, the Golden Boy Promotions CEO who has frequently had harsh words for Bob Arum, particularly about Arum's age.

"I'm not looking for anyone to give me any advice and throw stones through a crystal house, like other promoters. I'm at this moment working very closely with Hall of Fame promoter Bob Arum and I've been treated better than anybody else has treated me before, and he gave me the opportunity.

"My father always taught me two bad things don't make a right. You need to treat old people with dignity, especially when he is responsible for many fighters becoming their own promoters and he's given jobs to a lot of people who learned the business."

Ahhhh the The War That Is Not Warm. Lewkowicz's comments may seem fairly harmless but let's remember that Canelo Alvarez may someday come knocking on Martinez's door for a fight, and would force Lewkowicz to negotiate with Golden Boy.