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ShoBox results and photos: Hank Lundy and Amir Imam impress in Cleveland

Last night on ShoBox, Hank Lundy outclassed Angelo Santana, and Jared Robinson was knocked out of the ring and stopped in four rounds by Amir Imam.

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Hank Lundy

"It's Showtime. We'll go anywhere, baby. We come to fight. Once again, I'll take my bundle and travel wherever I need to go. It's time for me to claim a world title.

"I put on a boxing clinic in there. The only thing he could get was the stuff I gave him. It was kind of easy in there. I just wish I hit the body a little more because I could have stopped him."

Angelo Santana

"I'm not going to argue it. He didn't surprise me; it was just an off night. I'm disappointed but I'll be back."

Steve Farhood, Showtime analyst

"It's a significant win for Lundy because now he can revisit the thought of a shot at a world title and a crippling loss for Santana because he can no longer be thought of as a legitimate prospect."

Amir Imam

"He was off balance so I think it was a good stoppage. If the ref didn't stop it then I would have just had to stop him on my own. It probably surprised a lot of people, but not me."

Jared Robinson

"My eyes were never closed but I was rocking myself back and forth to climb back in the ring. It probably would have taken me a few more rounds to get my wits back but I was back in the ring in time."

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