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Canelo vs. Angulo: Erislandy Lara says "Losers shouldn't be fighting each other"

Erislandy Lara thinks Canelo Alvarez and Alfredo Angulo shouldn't be fighting each other after losing their last fights.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

"The American Dream" Erislandy Lara is going to be calling out Canelo Alvarez until the day he dies. And Canelo is probably going to continue not to care.

In response to Canelo stating that he felt Alfredo Angulo was on his way to victory over Lara last June before Angulo suffered an eye injury in the tenth round, Lara lashed out at the pair for each losing their previous fight. He also claims that he will make Canelo quit if they share a ring and Angulo will quit again if they have a rematch.

Via Boxing Scene's Elisinio Castillo:

"And if (Canelo) would've knocked Mayweather out he would've won. The problem here is he didn't and Angulo didn't win either. People forget even with the two knockdowns I was still winning on the scorecards, winning the tenth round and he quit. Canelo and his team are trying to con the fans into believing Angulo quit and beat Trout for every round. When he fought Trout it was an even fight. Losers shouldn't be fighting each other. Boxing is about winning and fighting at the top level. It's time Canelo and his team stop making excuses to not fight the best. If Canelo wins, I'll make him quit and if Angulo wins I'll make him quit again. The American Dream will be the Mexican nightmare."

There's some truth here to what Lara is saying when he mentions that Angulo quit. Regardless of who was knocked down over the course of the bout, only one man won fair and square and that man is Lara. However, I don't have a problem with "losers" fighting each other if it's legitimate, and I feel that this a real matchup for Canelo coming off the first loss of his pro career. We knew they weren't going to throw him back into the deep end after facing Floyd Mayweather.

Every time that Canelo fights it will now likely be on pay-per-view, and that's not a plus for Lara. Is he well-known and consistently exciting enough to help Canelo pull in extra buys? Probably not, and those are the big reasons why he may never get his shot at the Mexican star.

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