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David Haye not committing to comeback or retirement

David Haye is working out again, but it's just rehab for his bad shoulder, and the 33-year-old heavyweight isn't sure if he'll come back, retire, or whatever.

Shaun Botterill

IFL TV recently caught up with former cruiserweight and heavyweight titleholder David Haye, whose career is in limbo at the moment after a shoulder surgery that canceled a big money fight with Tyson Fury, first set for September of last year, and then targeted for early this year before it was called off.

Haye isn't committing to the idea of coming back, but that talk has been going around for a few weeks now, and most fans and media seem to expect that sooner or later, David Haye will box again.

On the possibility of a comeback

"My fans don't want to see me in the ring as much as I want to be in the ring. Believe that. If the people out there think I don't want to fight, they don't know me. If there's any way humanly possible I can get my arm back to throwing a punch, even if it's 85% of what it used to be, I'd do that. But at present, I can't even think about throwing a punch. My arm would fall out of socket. I've got the movement but I've got no strength or mobility or stability in my shoulder."

On Froch-Groves II

"I think the public kind of demanded it. Carl Froch was getting some stick from all angles. I thought it was a little unjust. He didn't do anything wrong that night, but he was getting treated as though he was the villain in the situation. I think they may have gotten under his skin. He wants to prove everybody wrong, that the referee did the right thing and saved (Groves)."

Here's the full interview: