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Oscar De La Hoya calls for end to Golden Boy vs Top Rank war: 'There's no need for it'

Oscar De La Hoya has recently come back onto the scene with Golden Boy Promotions after some time away, and the Hall of Fame fighter-turned-top promoter is hoping for an end to his company's war with Bob Arum's Top Rank.

Josh Hedges

Though his mind could change the next time he feels like taking the standard cheap shot on Twitter or whatever, Oscar De La Hoya is currently saying that he believes his company Golden Boy Promotions and Bob Arum's Top Rank should be able to work together, calling for an end to the "Cold War" that has prevented fight fans from seeing many of the best possible matchups.

"All the animosity, all the bad words that have been going back and forth, there's no need for it. Boxing is a sport that I dearly love and we're both adults. Bob Arum did a lot for my career and I greatly appreciate it. I can honestly say that I love the guy because he's someone who did a lot for my career and really catapulted my career and did a tremendous job in promoting my career. He's a master at what he does. ... I will meet with Bob Arum one day, and I will sit down with him, and I do hope things get worked out and patched up, because that's what the fans need. The boxing fans want to see all these great fights happen."

Doing things "For the Fans" is a staple of promoterspeak because it makes whoever is using it at that moment look like the good guy. Also, it has to be noted that Oscar has gone through these periods of positivity before, and later will take the usual shots at Arum and his company, and Richard Schaefer and Arum are constantly contentious in the media, so you probably have to take this with a grain of salt.

That said, I don't think Oscar is being phony here. Right now, this is probably really how he feels. During his fighting days, he was very careful about what he said, almost scripted, but as a promoter in recent years, he's not exactly been one for a filter. He says pretty much what he's thinking. Sure, he double-talks, like all promoters do, but he's no worse and no better than anyone else.

And really, De La Hoya does owe a lot of his stardom to Arum's master promotion of him. And he's right: there is no reason that a bunch of greedy adults who all want to make the most money can't knock this nonsense off and put on the events that will get the most fans to part with the most money. The icier relationship between HBO and Showtime is now another obstacle, but none of that is personal; that's entirely business, and it starts with the promoters, anyway. A phone call or a meeting could do away with just about all of the crap that The Fans have been putting up with for years now out of their own dear love of watching crazy people beat one another for money.

I say go get 'em, champ. Go do this. Make the first move and do it for The Fans. We want to believe.