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Adamek vs Glazkov: Tomasz Adamek media workout video, quotes, and photos

Tomasz Adamek returns on March 15 in the main event of NBC Sports Fight Night, facing Vyacheslav "Czar" Glazkov.

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Tomasz Adamek

"Verification in the ring is everything. We can talk, talk, talk but it doesn't mean nothing. When I am healthy I am going to the ring to make a good show, show my talents and make a good fight."

"(Glazkov) is a tough boy. I expect a tough fight because he is younger and he wants to win. I want to win too. Who is going to be smarter is going to win."


"I wish a good fight; a tough fight. Every time when I am going to the ring I try to make a good show for my fans. Boring fights don't give me nothing. Only tough fights give a good performance and people love that."

"Every fight is important. When I win every fight gives me a bigger position in boxing business. I am going to win because my goal to is to be heavyweight champion. This is the last chance in my career."


Roger Bloodworth, Adamek's trainer

"Tomasz is pretty level all the time. Especially around fight time. He is pretty strong in his faith. He doesn't seem to get too excited or too nervous. He's just Tomasz."

"Tomasz is easy to work with. He trains hard but he is also a perfectionist. You wouldn't think that because he jokes around a lot but he is a perfectionist. It's easy to work with him."

"(Glazkov) is not all that much taller than Tomasz. He's a little bit rangy. He is a pressure fighter. I expect him to come in and try to knock Tomasz out. That's what he tries to do. It should make for an exciting fight."


(Photos by Mike Gladysz/Main Events)

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