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Timothy Bradley discusses re-signing with Top Rank, no guarantee of fighting Floyd, and his boxing exit strategy

Timothy Bradley says he's planning to box for five more years before retiring, unless he can do it sooner.

Timothy Bradley

"I think that people are finally listening to what I'm saying. I've proven myself over and over, that when I get in the ring with these top guys, I can beat them. And I have done that. So now people are deciding to go my way."

"He showed really good form, he did. I thought he boxed very well. I thought he had flashes of the old Manny in that fight. The only thing I thought was lacking was the killer instinct. I didn't see that in that fight."

"No, I don't think this fight is gonna be easy by any means. It's gonna be easier in my mind because I know Manny, I've been in the ring with him. I think he's gonna change form for this fight. He's not gonna be the compassionate man, he's gonna come out blazing. That's the Manny that I want. I want that challenge, because it's gonna make me fight any harder. My will to win is unlike any other, and I'm gonna will my way to victory."

"There's no guarantees that I'm gonna fight Floyd Mayweather. A lot of people have that in their head. But there's no guarantees of that. Top Rank is like my family. I know Top Rank. I don't know the other side. There's a lot of uncertainty in doing that type of business right now for me. I want my family to be OK, and I don't like to have uncertainty lingering over my head. I wanna be stable. I want my family to eat, man. And Top Rank, they pay the most."

"If I was guaranteed a Floyd Mayweather fight, and there was money on the table, and I know how much, then it'd be something I'd have to think about. I don't have to chase anybody, man. I'm right here. Having a fight with Floyd Mayweather won't define my career, man. I continue on to fight great champions and be great fighters. I know that Floyd is the best in the business, and I would love to fight him one day. But I don't see why it can't happen. He's the top guy in the sport. Pretty much people listen and do whatever he says, but me? I'm not gonna do whatever he says. I'm gonna do whatever I wanna do."

"I don't have a plan to get out of boxing. I take that back, I do have a plan to get out of boxing. I'm gonna give boxing probably another five more years. That's my plan. But if I can get out of it sooner, that's what I'm gonna do. Listen, man, I wanna be able to play with my daughter. I wanna be able to walk down the street. I want to be OK, man. I love the sport of boxing and it's been really good to me, but, you know, the amount of punishment I've been taking over the years, it can catch up to you. I just wanna be a normal person."

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