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Andre Berto to return this summer

Former welterweight titleholder Andre Berto is ready to make a comeback this summer.

Ethan Miller

According to a report from's Dan Rafael, former WBC and IBF welterweight champion Andre Berto is looking to make his return to the ring this summer. Thus far, no return date or opponent has been determined so, yeah, that's about it!

Berto is recovering from a torn subscapularis tendon in his right arm that was discovered to be completely torn from top to bottom. The injury occurred in the second round of his fight with Jesus Soto-Karass last July, resulting in Berto having to fight with one arm for much of the bout. Ultimately, he was stopped in the 12th round. He also had surgery in 2012 to repair torn biceps.

Berto takes a lot of criticism for being a highly-touted guy who never panned out, but he has proven to be one of the more consistently exciting boxers over the last few years. As his competition level raised, so did the quality of his fights. Despite losing three of his previous four bouts, each one was exciting and competitive. His tight win over the recently resurgent Luis Collazo in 2009 was also an excellent one. Berto has his flaws to be sure, but he has quietly been one of the more dependable action fighters lately.

As for any guesses to who Berto will face, I assume it will be someone without a pulse. I'm thinking they build his name up a little then feed him to an up-and-comer who needs a well-known name on his resume.

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