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Stieglitz vs Abraham III results: Arthur Abraham wins split decision to regain WBO belt

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Arthur Abraham edged out a split decision today in Germany to win the WBO super middleweight title back from Robert Stieglitz.

Martin Rose

Just when you thought he might be out, he pulls himself back in. Arthur Abraham regained the WBO super middleweight title today in Magdeburg, Germany, beating Robert Stieglitz via split decision in the third fight between the rivals, winning on scores of 114-111, 115-110, and 112-113.

Abraham (39-4, 28 KO) dropped Stieglitz (46-4, 23 KO) late in the 12th and final round, and tried to close the show as the clock ticked down in the final ten seconds. Stieglitz was able to hang on and survive the round, but lost his title on the judges' scorecards.

I didn't pay enough attention to really give a fair account of the fight myself, but those watching here on BLH felt the decision was perfectly fine, with maybe the 115-110 card being too wide. From most accounts it was an entertaining but sloppy affair, with Abraham looking closer to the King Arthur of old than he has in a while.

What did you think of today's fight, if you watched it? How did you score the bout?