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John Molina: Ponce De Leon and Maidana set the blueprint for Broner

John Molina doesn't have a May 3 fight with Adrien Broner just yet, but there have been real discussions about the fight. Molina feels he can give Broner some familiar problems.

Ezra Shaw
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

John Molina is a possible opponent for Adrien Broner on May 3, which surely you know by now. (If you didn't, uh, he is. What I just said, I mean.) And while many see Molina as a soft touch comeback for Broner if the fight does happen, Molina believes he's got the sort of awkward, hard-punching style that we've seen give Broner troubles more than once before, and that if they're picking him to get an easy win, they're barking up the wrong tree.

From Ryan Burton at

"People say that Maidana made the blueprint but I am going to go back even further in Broner's career and say that Ponce De Leon made the blueprint. If you look at Ponce De Leon, Marcos Maidana, and myself, the styles are so similar and that is the style that you know, no pun intended, has given Adrien Broner the problem.

"You just have to draw from that. It is hard to fight an unorthodox guy like myself or Maidana or Ponce De Leon. If that is the fight they take I don't see it any differently. My punching power is real. You can ask any trainer that I have worked with or people that I have been in the ring with," Molina told

Molina (27-3, 22 KO) has been a fringe contender at 135 pounds for his relevant career, and a possible fight with Broner (27-1, 22 KO) would take place at 140 pounds, as it appears Broner will move back down in weight after a two-fight experiment at welterweight that didn't go swimmingly, even though he ain't little.

Do you think Molina might give Broner some trouble if they meet on May 3?

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