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Mikey Garcia says that Yuriorkis Gamboa is asking for too much money

Mikey Garcia claims that Yuriorkis Gamboa wants too much money to face him on HBO.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

In the next chapter of the ongoing saga between Mikey Garcia and Yuriorkis Gamboa maybe they will actually come together and make a fight. But, for now, it seems like all we ever hear is back and forth bickering about money or accusations of cowardice. It's been happening for months now, and it's gotten to the point of wondering if it's even worth it to continue. Maybe it's time to move on. It's not me, it's you. Or something like that.

Garcia was able to speak with Boxing Scene's Ryan Burton about why the bout has failed to materialize thus far. From Garcia's point of view, it can be summed up with one word: money.

"They told me that May 17th is still a possibility (for the fight). If it doesn't happen then it will most likely be in June. Gamboa is the one they are telling me (will be next). I am still waiting on him. He says he wants it so bad but he needs to come down on his price. The budget ain't going to be enough for both sides. I see that he is worth a certain amount but the network doesn't seem to think he is worth what he wants for the fight. When you are talking about numbers he was asking for almost 50% more than me. You have to be realistic you know?," Garcia told

If Gamboa is truly asking for 50% more than Garcia it would be hilarious. Not that Garcia is any kind of big name, but Gamboa isn't one either. If he is asking for that, it's very possible the fight simply won't happen.

Maybe I'm just a hater (!) and all, but I'm about ready to move on. It's a potentially interesting matchup, but the style clash could make for an ugly affair. I don't get the sense that this a bout we just absolutely must have. Surely there are other things HBO could spend their money on besides appeasing Gamboa.

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