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Sergio Martinez on Cotto's demands: 'I can imagine he'll ask for rose petals to be thrown at his feet'

Sergio Martinez has a humorous take on Miguel Cotto's demands for their June 7 fight.

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

It's no secret that Miguel Cotto insisted on having his name first on the promotional material for his June 7 fight with Sergio Martinez, despite Martinez being the fight's defending champion, and Sergio told the media that there was more to it than just that:

"I am coming into the ring first. He is coming in second; otherwise there would be no fight. I am the champion, but I will be introduced first, because if it wasn't that way, there would be no fight. ... I can imagine that on June 7 he will ask for rose petals to be thrown at his feet, otherwise he won't walk into the ring."

Cotto (38-4, 31 KO) is coming off like a real diva in Martinez's comments here, but, well, is it that surprising? A couple of years ago, when this fight first came up as a possibility during Cotto promoting his rematch with Antonio Margarito, Cotto basically scoffed at the idea that he could make enough money to bother with Sergio. Cotto's an alright dude and all -- I think he's cool -- but like most real stars, obviously he has an ego. He's the A-side here in terms of the draw, he knows it, and he's acting like it. And if it gives him any psychological edge, all the better for Cotto.

Mostly I just thought the rose petals line was funny, though.

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